Expose yourself to a science mindset

The journey of science had shown both the bright and dark sides of development. However, its request is to give us the keys and the pace – the rhythm – to run after the main people and institutions that could bring so many benefits to mankind.

The act of understanding science and its specifics areas, which might be physics, math, biology, statistics, astronomy, could require some efforts at its beginning. This is somehow frustrating but a needed step to highlight and guarantee that people catch the seeds of its perpetual and democratic knowledge.

The more advanced is the structure of the object (animate or not), the artifact, or even the living being that we are attracted to, the less will be our initial satisfaction to pursue the path to advance our question towards it or them.  We know that today there are instruments that allow us – potentially – to observe better things, arriving more in depth, and giving us the chance to “pause” our exploration where the willingness to “download” something else – other content or even a bit of rest – is required for our cognitive ability to cope gorgeously with what we’re intended to do.

Even Internet Technology (IT) plays a huge role in the way we’re conceiving science. New outstanding opportunities are allowed and this trend changed forever our way we grasped information. However, individuals, as you may have understood by personal experience do not trust every good source of information…

The Internet world is like an ocean when the information flow in a solipsistic or massive ritual run of bits that crash towards the listener or the viewer of the time; the occasion.

The point that remain uncertain is if the latter have the clues and the education to pick up what is relevant, letting the “rest” away from the social communication and a possible rambling repetition to peers. IT have an allure that attract people, investments, project to be build around and thanks to them, a growing traffic of project. However, just a part of its kingdom is able to retain the benefit that it can guarantee on the long term.

Experts should dedicate more time and resources to its communication,  to grow the sense of meaning and the descriptions that might be replicated by common citizens. More investments are necessary to move on the subtle line of capacities required to bring forward the general understanding of its ventures: in fact, current ones appears to be almost a projection of the success that good ideas maintained to have, going up and down the roller coaster of various “black holes”, failures and doubts that define our similar past.

Educations is a priority, focusing on aspirations of fast developing economies. The young, here and everywhere, have a natural attraction to sciences, jumping on the notions of space, the human genome and dinosaurs. Educators should sustain this interest beyond the primary school that, free from strict curriculum requirements leave the minds free to explore and ask questions when curiosity spread in the air, thanks to the lightened gaze of the responsible enthusiasts that had the idea to tackle their natural way of being.




Hands- on involvement need to show and not impede the high artifact of our time to be known; understood by. Young should figure out how they work. Finding out the clues to their miniaturized mechanism that might be put together, children should comprehend their beauty. Science education is for everyone and its sophistication may not be an impediment to reach it! Everyone should have a “feel” for science. Partly for cultural reasons, than to attend important decision that require “nerdish” elements and level of analysis, science need to attract young that will be the advocate of future progress.

Practical activities, experiments and the ability to understand how to interpret simple resources in the field allow children to be more qualified and interested on the long term in physics, math and engineering rudiments. New technology can help, but the physical location of the experimental moment is unavoidable.

Children might collaborate together while they resolve possible doubts, ideas, and even conflicts related to the next passage they aim to follow and focus on.

To attract the next generations science should be a challenge able to provide energy and clean environment to new generations. Space and freedom is given to professionals able to take on them some risks: that nurtured people that can carry over a specific project, even if they do not know in advance all the features of its own, peculiar, results and drawbacks.

Social, economic and political factors are also important here.

They are the one that influence directly the enterprises of science, mainly because their leitmotiv is funding and streamlined power. However, the outcome of scientific expeditions, discoveries, problem-solving modes is objective and streamlined.

Creativity in sciences and in the arts is subtly different. However there are contributions of bright people, visionary and very well educated representatives able to reveal the great milestone of both. Celebrity and image development are avoidable trifles for whom decided to be devote to these first paradigms: knowledge along with a simple, direct, communication.

Scientific knowledge can be captured only by who is plugged it in the scientific tribe, which might be today jeopardized in countries that are still in the edge of development. Innovators should be proclaimed as the leading people that can bring light in the companies they work with. Support is a key for political success as well. International projects need to represent this core to allow people benefit from present knowledge and insurance for progress and shared benefits. Well, if you may ask why the answer is pretty clear: this truth is able to go beyond harsh, primitive technology and poor resources.

Our runaway world policies should dedicate their gaze to future generations’ inheritance and possibilities. Not because we want them being too nerd or on the opposite side worried to not find an appealing carrier if they pursue the path of sciences cutting- edge research after their academic education. Science is part of our world, the real one, not the one that politics can mention on and over silly campaigns to raise votes.

This argumentation address also differences between universities and cultural local traditions towards science and its reference for citizens’ mindset. Challenge is towards us: it should be raised, locally and generally, to became part of our inner desire to discover new things, understand them and communicate – by our words – the ‘WOW’ moment that appreciate so much!

Test, change the way we select data and take and active part on the debate able to guide us to a greater understanding of scientific understanding is – still – an unavoidable attraction.

Science will always be our main issue, even when its power is connected to long terms facilities or treats: politics goods.

This is the reason why its education require high quality resources and influences.






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