Hi! I am Lisa.

I specialized in Philosophy of Knowledge with a focus in Communication, Science and Politics (University La Sapienza of Rome) and graduated (MSc) with a thesis on the analysis of the thought of the American geneticist Richard Lewontin dealing with themes of social psychology, experimental population genetics’ and bioethics issues.

In the latest years, I continued to expand my academic training in history (ancient, medieval and modern) and sciences (mathematics and statistical physics).
I attended an additional Master to develop skills in relational ethics, and philosophical counseling focusing on professionals and youth.

Thanks to these skills and a past of educator with an analytical focus, I’ve accepted to push the communication of Physics towards new challenges as a natural extension of the Ph. D program I joined in the University of Perugia; in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

In parallel to my studies, I had the incredible opportunity to teach one of the most beautiful languages in the world, Italian, to new comers as L2 educator.

Probably is this constitutional élan to communication that motivated me to obtain language qualifications for Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German, followed by a Professional Master in journalism and broadcasting, beyond professional courses on storytelling and creative writing with RAI and writer associations.

My actual plans? well, between striving for creativity and continue to hold science’s hand, in my free time I explore what might give to writing a social meaning through personal involvement and understanding.

Now you know something about me. Hopefully it will be a hint to feel the sparkle arising on the surface of my posts.