When COVID-19 escalates again, surveillance gains credits

COVID-19 shakes the world again. Now it seems to be the right timing to dedicate some thoughts and care to another important aspect that defines our lives and our society in this historical period: information technology. For us it is not that difficult to perceive that the corona crisis is still in its “active mode”.Continue reading “When COVID-19 escalates again, surveillance gains credits”

Do we need to monitor the exposure of health care staff to COVID-19?

For many hospital and health care workers the greatest worry right now is not inadvertently transmitting the COVID-19 virus to vulnerable patients. Home-health caregivers are being advised to take extra hygiene precautions and to stay home at the first signs of illness. Many nonessential care visits have been canceled. Assisted living communities and nursing homes are either banning or severely restricting visitors. Some employees of the home-care organization have access to a nursing team to guide their decisions. This is a time of resilience and confusion load for many of us on how to behave with the corona pandemic. Many contract workers are responsible for monitoring their own health and contagion risk levels.
Sounds like lots of individuals are taking individual decisions. Where is the role of the State here when they need to be protected at their turn, to protect, advise, support and save lives?

The sensitive system of (social) control: a quick overview

This post orbits around to the theories developed around the notion of control, more in specific social control, the power that grow as a list of what, at the time, was conceived as necessary to control human beings starting from their personality, connecting with people internalization processes, their public status and even their conscience.

Growing Mindset

During childhood (and sometimes even know if the timing is right and I’m allowing myself) I was used to spent some time in the park close to my home, or more simply staying in the familiar place of my room wandering through my mind. My favorite patterns and subject were people, witnessing experiences. I wasContinue reading “Growing Mindset”

Language, reliable as experience.

Now that I am learning the subtle differences of English words I am aware on how clear is the statement that in some languages, multiple options can be represented by the same word. This point generates some reflections on a problem regarding the reliability of language and how – sometimes – the process of communication,Continue reading “Language, reliable as experience.”

In formazione

Quale è il modo in cui impariamo? Potremmo dire che molti di noi sono in grado di fare dei semplici e diretti collegamenti fra idee e concetti teorici, e questo è uno degli aspetti di base di ciò che si intende di solito per apprendimento. Occorre però menzionare un elemento che non è meno importante:Continue reading “In formazione”

Il male che sfuma la comunicazione

Una malattia che fa paura, e che spesso non viene capita e interrogata fino in fondo. Del resto, sembra strano, ma è proprio ciò che la definisce, ovvero una mancanza progressiva della memoria e la diminuzione, spesso in sordina, delle capacità cognitive e del linguaggio a presentare e rafforzare il peso del silenzio. La personaContinue reading “Il male che sfuma la comunicazione”

Trickster Thunderstorm Halloween

Halloween is saw as a dark, electrifying, quasi epic day that lot of people fatigue to forgot. You have to celebrate it… You know, I am not the kind of person that put attention on stereotypes but I’ve always associated this day with a thunder dark night, maybe because of this dark and bleak atmosphereContinue reading “Trickster Thunderstorm Halloween”

Some reflections on SE

Nowadays lots of countries seek to introduce a paradigm shift in scientific education (SE). The latter sin of a lack of relevance and a boring approach where notions should be memorized in short time, when the risk of doubtful abstractness and “difficult tendency” to define the plot raise day after day, in line with theContinue reading “Some reflections on SE”

Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?

  Si vive in un’epoca di domande che hanno sete di verità. Assistiamo ad una crisi, che da fenomeno d’identità personale, ha avviato la sua trasformazione in una voragine di razionalità. La diffidenza non è mai stata così grande, forte, durevole nel tempo e fra culture – apparentemente – diverse fra loro. Questo perché l’impressioneContinue reading “Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?”