Storytelling, a ritmo di sé

Oggi mi sono chiesta cosa significherebbe fare storytelling attraverso i social network. Sì, sempre loro, gli strumenti alla portata di ogni (buon) comunicatore che sa prepararsi a raccontare qualcosa ad un pubblico variegato verso il quale desidera illustrare (e accompagnare) ciò che fa nella vita e soprattutto come dovrebbe distinguersi nel farlo. Se vogliamo essereContinue reading “Storytelling, a ritmo di sé”

Quali categorie?

I minuti della giornata seguono incessanti. Le situazioni si collegano da sottili ganci con immagini sovrapposte; spesso mescolate senza che i confini possano più definirsi. Chi abita nelle grandi città è costantemente circondato da persone che osserva (a con cui diventa in automatico oggetto di conversazione) e che prova, tempo permettendo, a “inquadrare”, provando aContinue reading “Quali categorie?”

When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…

Is this title too poetic for a blog science’ passionate? Tell me about it 🙂 So if it bother you or give you a strong particular impression shield it or leave it behind – if you can handle that – until the end of this post. In fact, yesterday I’d the idea for this postContinue reading “When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…”

White, Light, Optics

Today I’ve started my day reflecting on the deeper and symbolic meaning that colors may have. For example in ancient Egypt the men related to religion and god adoration was used to dress only in white linen. Perhaps the first analogy that you may have now in mind is how some people are used toContinue reading “White, Light, Optics”

The spectacle of harmony

Today, in a routine full of needs, unpleasant problems and circumstances, lack of stable anchors of reference we seems to have indefinitely forgot the recognizable building blocks (or elements), components of the material world we lived in. In fact, we can see how people are more or less conscious about fire, water, earth and air.Continue reading “The spectacle of harmony”

Intimate connection of meaning

How far is an interest bounded or (inter)connected to another? How far can be a stronger interest substituted for another one, apparently very different? How far does a new appeal, a diverse motive be interpreted to be related (probably) to a material object or multiple set of objects defined as source of interest? Interest isContinue reading “Intimate connection of meaning”

The Sacred View of Nature

Today I want to reflect on another aspect of the sacred aspects that can be present(ed) by the beauty, the fearless, the mysteries and the power of Nature. Let’s start saying that Science, in a first glance, can be summarized as the study of the natural world that by historical and traditions time could haveContinue reading “The Sacred View of Nature”

Light Perception

I want to share a poetry of a man that was so ahead of his time. A man that with his imagination create a “power engine” capable to go over and outstripped the technology of the century he belongs to. He travel a lot, and refined his brain capacity of abstraction, observable in the paintingsContinue reading “Light Perception”