We need time to sustain Astronomy enterprises

  Time is part of our daily routine. We seek it, naturally.  We hope to properly manage the one we have left. Time appears to be what set our priorities, expectancy,  the development of “senior” ideas about people and arguments we tend to address as a constant daily issue. Time is part of scientific discoveries,Continue reading “We need time to sustain Astronomy enterprises”

La “pelle di neutroni”: una promessa per la ricerca sperimentale.

La fisica è la scienza delle nuove sfide, colei che riesce a porsi nuove domande per capire il funzionamento del mondo naturale e della materia. I fisici invece sono coloro che (s)confinano il proprio sguardo verso la realtà in modo meno velato su ciò che appare banalità quotidiana. Digeriscono i segreti della matematica, così daContinue reading “La “pelle di neutroni”: una promessa per la ricerca sperimentale.”

This is not only a detection: is a beautiful equilibrium

Physicists and astronomers – from all over the world – are still excited after one of the biggest breakthroughs of the decade related to the discovery of gravitational waves and gamma rays’ existence, thanks to the collaboration LIGO-Virgo. I want to make a small reference on gamma rays that are usually thought to be producedContinue reading “This is not only a detection: is a beautiful equilibrium”

A reflection on the Story of the Universe

If I’m saying the Story of the Universe, what can be first elements of reference? The human story of the universe can be defined as what we understand about the universe that we live in. I can bet lot of us start their day with lots of open questions. Perhaps they are enriched with soContinue reading “A reflection on the Story of the Universe”

Highlights from the International Workshop organized in Centro Fermi of Rome, 18-19 May 2017.

Last week I was lucky to attend to the annual international conference held at the Enrico ‘Fermi Center’ in Rome. The Institute of Physics has proved to be a symbol and an extraordinary place for Italian research, for scientific promotion and knowledge in general. A creative environment for the ability to combine individual skills andContinue reading “Highlights from the International Workshop organized in Centro Fermi of Rome, 18-19 May 2017.”

How did things come to be in the beginning?

This is a fundamental question for which everyone in every culture must have an answer. Today we can infer knowledge from  fundamental Research in theoretical and experimental particle physics, but it is evident that in the past people were fascinated by mythic stories. These ones serves more than one function, the first was accounting forContinue reading “How did things come to be in the beginning?”

What kind of tiny particles are waiting for us?

Physicists today use linear and circular particle accelerators as high-resolution microscopes to study the pieces of atoms, so small, to not been seen without. Astronomers, using a dozen or so new supersize telescopes, also study the same tiny particles, but theirs are waiting for them in space. This strange collision can be saw as aContinue reading “What kind of tiny particles are waiting for us?”

Particelle elementari, in un battito di ciglia

Se noi dovessimo immaginare l’origine delle particelle elementari che ci compongono, seguendo un rapido battito di ciglia? Potremmo iniziare in questo modo: abitiamo da sempre in un pianeta pieno d’acqua, in una galassia molto lontana. Noi mammiferi abbiamo fatto una prima comparsata nel Giurassico, prima c’erano rettili del carbonifero e ancor prima gli anfibi delContinue reading “Particelle elementari, in un battito di ciglia”

Newtonian Natural Physics

We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances This is a quotation of Sir. Isaac Newton (1642-1727), the physics scientist that – despite many brilliant accomplishments of his genius – put into place a series of flawed notions regarding the essenceContinue reading “Newtonian Natural Physics”

How Lorentz transformation improve the knowledge on space-time concept

Thanks to Lorentz transformation (name given by Henrì Poincarè) we have a theory that aim to give a scientific description of the change of viewpoint from one inertial frame to a second moving one. This specific change of viewpoint is called a (Lorentz) boost. Why Lorentz transformations are so important for human knowledge? His formulaeContinue reading “How Lorentz transformation improve the knowledge on space-time concept”