A passion towards technology, physics, biology, and science communication define my personality since I was a child. My blog is completely dedicated to these topics and to what might be shared with others. For me being engaged in science and communication is not just a matter of society participation: it is a dialogue along a wide spectrum.

This blog born in 2016 during a serendipitous moment, as an answer to several diverse requests from friends and students to read science in a personalized – reliable – experience-driven style.

Now, at this stage of this “social project” I will be very happy to know something on my readers. Who they are and understand more on the nature of their interests.

Bits of knowledge that would generate in me a deeper awareness to understand what readers might be glad to read, discover, question, investigate, or even avoid!

If you think that this could be a good idea, then don’t hesitate a single second. As one my readers, use the section contact or the comment widget below every post to give yourself a shot.

I cannot wait to hear from you!