Germination chemistry is all around

It has taken almost ten days to see the first effort of life growth from something that may appear unuseful: the avocado seed that remains from the lovely Israeli salad I had almost a month ago. Not that I’ve waited to have it in the meanwhile. So, what I’ve done was simply put the “brownContinue reading “Germination chemistry is all around”

How Forests “handle” Carbon Dioxide

In our century, the twenty-first one, there are many contribution directed to restore and protect forests and in a simple image of natural cycles trees are a main part in the ecosystem balanced system. They are part of the photosynthesis process, producing hydrocarbons (which fuel they growth) and over the course of their lives theyContinue reading “How Forests “handle” Carbon Dioxide”

The Uniqueness of Fungi

Fungi have a great interactive community spread along the land and allowed by a good level of humidity in the forest land.
Mushrooms are not only a tasty vegetable that we can associate with good food and folk festivals…They are inter-actors able to create lasting connections (and we talk about thousands of years) with the environment they encounter along its path of growth and development.
Specifically, the article focuses on the interaction with the arboreal and fungal species; allowed by their particular adaptation.

Interconnections of Sincrotrone & Cell Membrane: A partecipate Dialogue between Physics & Biochemistry

The goal of this experimental research in biochemical & physical area (between the cell membrane and the light of the synchrotron) is to try to have some analytical results which demonstrate the assumptions of membrane-protein interactions, membrane-cell, cell-cell essential.
A point from which to develop solutions and treatment plans for patients presenting very complex clinical cases. People to which this study hopes to provide important answers, and hopes.