Reflection on Digital Media in Education, Ethics and Epistemology

Very often our ethical choices are framed by what we know. Science helps us when inquired with the right methodologies and instruments, to know a snapshot of reality. There is a huge debate on how scientists, philosophers, social researchers and investors can support public discussion and public relations campaigns that are more “inclusive” for youth. Key people, at the peak of our democracy, should learn by mistakes made in the past to open and guarantee new perspectives of youth empowerment, as this class is destined to be protagonist of a dialog process and in future political turmoils able to accept the limits implied by epistemological ethics. Here science rationale and enterprise can offer educative examples of action.

Social network and their influence on behaviour

Now that you start reading this post on my personal blog, you can ask yourself what moves you to go over this lecture. Here, there are some examples of open questions: -Am I interested on what I will read? – Am I just curious on what this person think interesting to share? – Am I inContinue reading “Social network and their influence on behaviour”