How did things come to be in the beginning?

This is a fundamental question for which everyone in every culture must have an answer. Today we can infer knowledge from  fundamental Research in theoretical and experimental particle physics, but it is evident that in the past people were fascinated by mythic stories. These ones serves more than one function, the first was accounting forContinue reading “How did things come to be in the beginning?”

Theories in Physics and Reality

The theories of physics are trying to build a representation of reality, and to build links with the wide world of sense impressions. So our mental constructions are based on this relationship, and how it itself is built from the outside. Physics progresses through the seasons, and small discoveries (but great for those who workContinue reading “Theories in Physics and Reality”

The Origin of All

Any person questioned and interrogated for a few minutes to ask themselves how it happened the beginning of everything: The Origin. On what was the origin of the super-sensible world, as would say dear good Aristotle, recalling his precise analysis on the unmoved mover. What we have learned so far and rebuild is pretty much. WeContinue reading “The Origin of All”