Can we define equations as a vital fluid to understand reality?

Without the statements made by equations, in which we usually apply to measure and represent specific conditions, our world would not exist as we know and define it. Maybe this is the reason why human beings need equations – moved by the trait to be eager – and able – to add something new to familiar landscapes across acts of thinking and tentative to grasp and understand mathematical ratios.

Highlights of ‘Imagine Math 6’ International Conference, Venice 2017

.. The moment to attend the 6th Imagine Math Conference in Venice arrived. The perfect location chosen every year, as well as the organization token place in Palazzo Franchetti more known as the historical Institute of Arts and Science situated near Piazza del Collegio, with the view of the beautiful Academia bridge. In the littleContinue reading “Highlights of ‘Imagine Math 6’ International Conference, Venice 2017”