How soft and hard professional skills could develop – and change – after the COVID-19 era

The topic of a long-term foresight, regarding the present and the proximal future of the so-called professional soft and hard skills turns out to be a complex one. When is time to make a specific analysis in these terms, and if we want to achieve a sharp picture in these terms, we cannot skip aContinue reading “How soft and hard professional skills could develop – and change – after the COVID-19 era”

Machine(s) Vs Robot(s)

In this post we will explore together main differences defining machines and robots, focusing on their interventions in our complex society.

The New Conversion of Music

This week I want to write something on music and on the technological devices innovation, aspects and pattern changed around time that allowed revolutionaries implications on its nature. Music is sound and sound cannot exists in a vacuum, so the best way to transport notes is air. Is the wind that allows sounds waves –Continue reading “The New Conversion of Music”

Highlights of ‘Imagine Math 6’ International Conference, Venice 2017

.. The moment to attend the 6th Imagine Math Conference in Venice arrived. The perfect location chosen every year, as well as the organization token place in Palazzo Franchetti more known as the historical Institute of Arts and Science situated near Piazza del Collegio, with the view of the beautiful Academia bridge. In the littleContinue reading “Highlights of ‘Imagine Math 6’ International Conference, Venice 2017”