The Best is yet to come…

The best is yet to come means that in our own way, we are doing good… What I repeat to myself I want to share here, in my blog. Today. With whom will spent a couple of precious minutes  reading. So where were I? Be thankful, keep moving, feel the path your breath do when you inhale.Continue reading “The Best is yet to come…”

Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science

I remember that some years ago, in 2005, scientists decide they should choose a Person of the Century. And of all the significant figures they considered for that honor, the one they ended up choosing was Albert Einstein. And on the face of it, this is really a remarkable decision, because Einstein, he was a theoretical physicist, heContinue reading “Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science”

Does Internet make us Stupid?

Nowadays thanks to the Internet we are plastic. Our neurotransmitters are faster than a Facebook programmer, or if you feel like it Google Chrome go for the latter. This is because the use of new tools requires a constant “upgrade” – and in some ways change – of our neural network. Every scientist and neurologist can confirm that it is true that our brain is flexible, and this is the result from its rapid and systematic speed of adaptation to new situations. But in some ways it seems to people of another epoque we really lost something important:the dialogue between each others.