Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?

  Si vive in un’epoca di domande che hanno sete di verità. Assistiamo ad una crisi, che da fenomeno d’identità personale, ha avviato la sua trasformazione in una voragine di razionalità. La diffidenza non è mai stata così grande, forte, durevole nel tempo e fra culture – apparentemente – diverse fra loro. Questo perché l’impressioneContinue reading “Cosa significa oggi la parola”verità” ?”

When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…

Is this title too poetic for a blog science’ passionate? Tell me about it 🙂 So if it bother you or give you a strong particular impression shield it or leave it behind – if you can handle that – until the end of this post. In fact, yesterday I’d the idea for this postContinue reading “When you’ll turn up your eyes to the moon…”

Intimate connection of meaning

How far is an interest bounded or (inter)connected to another? How far can be a stronger interest substituted for another one, apparently very different? How far does a new appeal, a diverse motive be interpreted to be related (probably) to a material object or multiple set of objects defined as source of interest? Interest isContinue reading “Intimate connection of meaning”

What about ‘Science is Change’

Today I want to write a bit about my inner hope for the upcoming event of ‘Science is Change‘ organized from the 11th to the 14th of May in the beautiful Auditorium della Musica of Rome. The theme of this year is change. Very inspiring. Change is a metaphor of power, force, and the symbolContinue reading “What about ‘Science is Change’”

The Sacred View of Nature

Today I want to reflect on another aspect of the sacred aspects that can be present(ed) by the beauty, the fearless, the mysteries and the power of Nature. Let’s start saying that Science, in a first glance, can be summarized as the study of the natural world that by historical and traditions time could haveContinue reading “The Sacred View of Nature”

A Relationship between Science and Religion

During centuries lots of influential people and profound thinkers have written or talked about the relationship present between science and religion. Some people now can ask me what I mean exactly for the latter. Well, I want to intend this term broadly, to include organized religions based on well defined creeds, traditional religious beliefs andContinue reading “A Relationship between Science and Religion”

Giving Reason in Digital Culture

Human Reason – and rationality potential – is too complex to have a single kind of function. When we are giving someone reason, the main aim is to get the person we are facing agreeing with us (you know what I’m meaning, the type of tacit agreement on our views, opinions, personal truth, and soContinue reading “Giving Reason in Digital Culture”

Social network and their influence on behaviour

Now that you start reading this post on my personal blog, you can ask yourself what moves you to go over this lecture. Here, there are some examples of open questions: -Am I interested on what I will read? – Am I just curious on what this person think interesting to share? – Am I inContinue reading “Social network and their influence on behaviour”

How Science Communication should be

  How Science Communication should be is an ethic open question; still significant. We live in the ‘digital age‘, a time that has transformed how communication is thought and distributed. With the ubiquity of cellphones and other mobile devices that can connect us to the Internet world, the lines between content consumer and creator are blurred. Even moreContinue reading “How Science Communication should be”