Inspired by meaningful assumptions

Educators challenge themselves every day, especially when they convey the lesson material to different classes, defined by students that appear as a kaleidoscope. They select information, make assumptions and with care and attention guide the reflection of students.

The process behind the act of guarantee the prosperity of the “reflection mantra” covers some main aspects, elements, steps, references.

Sometimes, when you’re having a look on the latest books or published articles in educational research that shed light on the latest trends, the act of “reflection” may appear very easy to be framed. What is usually avoided to be cited is the afterwords process that negotiate the meaningful elements and assumptions of class activities, managing the analysis of outcomes about the topics covered. This, I can guarantee, can be less entertaining for whom is responsible for.

Assumptions are the ways in which we interpret things and topics that happens all around us. They cover some main significance and are able to reveal how we frame, regulate, synthesize and organize the whole activity.

This process happens all the time, in the world of schooling or education, more in general, as assumption are the manifestation of human thoughts and performance conception. When you want to look on something that already exist and try to transform some of its features in something else, according to the context you’re enclosed, you need assumptions to construct the organized schemes you’ll follow to develop your ideas, making order in the entropy picking up good examples of logic and semantics. Everything should be tight, confirmed by sources and organized.

What I said now is not that easy as it may appear.

Changing the glance on the world we belong to, require daily and overlong training.

Even little adjustments require time and reflection.


I did


Educators can always do something by themselves, but the main working project should be done, exploring ideas and possible enthusiastic elements within the group personal ideas should refer to.

The process of selected assumptions come along with mutual discussion. You cannot manage, discuss, critique and understand truly (constructing with them social theories) what you’re defending avoiding the process of idea exchange.

Our references can be colleagues, peers, university mentors and tutors, advisors, friends we care or whoever is able to guarantee a meaningful debate. Share difficulties and potential perspectives is as necessary than confirm things that works good enough to be re-approved and reclaimed.

We are diverse for character, opinions, political, foodie and fashion taste, experiences, belief, passions, behavior and compassion dedicated to very wide elements that may be – or not – important to us. BUT if we do not take the chance to challenge our assumptions, well, we would always “just stay” beyond the line of ease.

The events related to education and the needs of students we should respond to, won’t be a responsibility to take on the next step if the boundaries maintain their traditional shape. Because assumptions are precursors of coherence. Every new and patented element should fit in the whole picture the teacher shot originally, to be filtered afterwards.

Is also clear that many elements and assumptions about teaching and learning radiate their roots on individual experiences, as well on the delivered influences and the specific culture of the frequented schools. In fact is clear that every moment teachers and educators make decisions about what is good or not, along with what is boring or entertaining, expendable and extensible.

Others, even if they said to us that certain theories are worth to be explored, inevitably despite a first encouraging and annoying moment of encouragement, do not want to be involved too much. Perhaps they fear the dedication and the exchanging performance allowed by conversation on the works and the study that precede every newly achievement. Sometimes only a small fraction have the personal characteristics to go on the front line and start a new project, dedicating time and knowledge to fit all the assumption. They should learn more, and be responsible to check others opinions and needs, encouraging other peers with optimism and professional advice even if they are saw as the unused people to work with.

Is important to recognize that even if explorers begin something, they continue along the path  selected with peers that interact with them, opening their minds continuously. There will be, undoubtedly, resistance on certain theories as lot of elements of transformations will be too challenging. Exceptions will open a window of reflection on them. Taking some more time to metabolize the information provided.

We can even say that every reflexive process in education to became wise need to become a habit.

Reflection in practice should be based upon elements of analysis, change and understanding. The last element should take care of our own views and experience as well as the one of others. And this, at the beginnings hould be a tricky task to handle properly. The reflection on practice is a slow and resonate developmental process that select elements that students respond good to what must be the peculiar environment of learning.

Teaching have a notorious idiosyncratic nature: the messy complexity of a classroom to face and handle daily goes along with the affected attention educators dedicate to every single student, thinking on how they can shape their personal qualities and competencies.

Paying attention and try to understand the behavior of others require a deep dedication to explore even our personal history. Teachers are the people who pretend that emotionalism, independence, engagement of students aren’t things they can just dump somewhere. They are the extracted fundamentals able to guarantee both a diligent school performance than a cleared development of personal baggage.

Reflection in practice doesn’t just end with the single project that need support or help to occur. It record and encourages dialogue based on a covered variety of views, exchanges and examples that are more powerful than any possible pointy barrier.





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