Intimate connection of meaning

How far is an interest bounded or (inter)connected to another?

How far can be a stronger interest substituted for another one, apparently very different?

How far does a new appeal, a diverse motive be interpreted to be related (probably) to a material object or multiple set of objects defined as source of interest?

Interest is usually related to beauty, knowledge, attention’s spring to be commanded.

Lot of times it suffuses, when the saturation of its internal meaning is not sufficient to expand through the environment at disposal. If we are sufficiently lucky for, there is the opportunity to assist to a transformation, which give fuel for a new interpretation of the previous known motives that had the chance to inspire us in an overcome past.

This can happen in our daily work, when we can figure a meaning able to guide us through an enthusiastic attitude to overcome waiting periods, problems and general stress; that nowadays characterize every environment up to the physical laws of entropy.

If this is not the case, well, we need to face the wide spectrum of the wage reward or the community position we wish to have in the future, to work better and with more motivation in the actual one we face for more or less half of our day if you want to include the effective time necessary to prepare yourself, go and come back from it.

But let’s go a step backwards, and visualize the process of interest. Well, I can imagine that know you can ask me what does I mean exactly with this advice.

I refer to the entire construction of the process of interest, that at the beginning can be very unclear in what will be its upcoming ends or in the deep purpose we imagined.

I want to use an example that – perhaps – can clear this thought:

Let’s take as a case an artistic construction. The architect or the artist (designer or sculptor of the case) has an end, an ideal, an entire view in mind. To realize that, the first steps will move his/her reasoning through a series of steps, which are not (on their face) equivalent to a possible final result. What is fundamental to do is make the maximum attention and effort to model, mold and chisel. To perform a series of particular acts no one of which exhibits or is the beautiful form appeared in his or her mind at the first moment. What is needed as daily fuel is ‘personal energy’, patience and willingness to take risks if the subject or the effect to be aspired for is something that is not done; yet.

The process starts to achieve a meaning: the special, minimal, cared acts in between gave energy and source of inspiration to realize what is commonly called the ‘final effect’. When you mold the clay, transfer the right amount of energy to the chisel, visualize the right angle necessary to have A special effect you want to see at the end of this process, the final process of realization will reach a meaning. Probably the first time it will be YOUR “end” idealization, but with time and ability to use the senses you’ll see a tiny development, sensitive to the idea commonly accepted as part of a social process.

In this case is important to underline that the terms “means” and “end” apply primarily to the position occupied by the single acts chosen, intended at a first glance as “stages” of a single developing activity, and only secondarily to things or objects.

With some initial effort it will be possible for the owner of the activity to separate the final result from the whole process, saw as a set of emotional latch instead of the common external idea of an aseptic process made by single procedures glued, tied, assembled as an excellent piece of fruit cake.

Yes, you think good. If your though now is that in the civilized society we tend to separate the result from the process, in order have a glance on it at 360 degrees. Is normal, right?

As eating is not only a process of getting food-energy into a machine, a complex system, cause it is firstly a social process: the time of family and friendly enjoyment, quality time and reunion, each stage of the entire process has its own peculiar and whole adequate significance of interest; EVEN HERE, the earlier quite as much of the latter.

However if you claim that the dessert have to come at the end, I agree cause I also have the tendency to make the last stage an experience of rewarding for the initial theme of interest I followed, anticipated, embraced and sometimes leaved behind for a while. However its spring is tickle me now, cause I’m writing. Again.






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