The Best is yet to come…

The best is yet to come means that in our own way, we are doing good… What I repeat to myself I want to share here, in my blog. Today. With whom will spent a couple of precious minutes  reading. So where were I? Be thankful, keep moving, feel the path your breath do when you inhale.Continue reading “The Best is yet to come…”

Newtonian Natural Physics

We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances This is a quotation of Sir. Isaac Newton (1642-1727), the physics scientist that – despite many brilliant accomplishments of his genius – put into place a series of flawed notions regarding the essenceContinue reading “Newtonian Natural Physics”

“Santa Claus” Effect: a matter of Physics

Christmas is coming, and the questions of children about the nature of the fast and very organized Santa Claus take turns to gifts to buy in these long afternoons of exhausting search of them.   Luckily thought about it Dr Katy Sheen, a physicist at Exeter University, who found a scientific explanation for why Santa andContinue reading ““Santa Claus” Effect: a matter of Physics”

Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science

I remember that some years ago, in 2005, scientists decide they should choose a Person of the Century. And of all the significant figures they considered for that honor, the one they ended up choosing was Albert Einstein. And on the face of it, this is really a remarkable decision, because Einstein, he was a theoretical physicist, heContinue reading “Albert Einstein. Why this name simbolize a revolution on science”

Where is escaped, the electron?

Where is escaped, the electron that until now hovered within the cathode ray tube of our TV? It seems that this electron is really a joker, while it is heading towards the screen … We can observe it while it appears in the “network” of pixels associated to our unit, and if it is perfectly comfortable andContinue reading “Where is escaped, the electron?”