Natural Interconnections among Theoretics and Nature Physics

It is possible to fulfill the entente of natural interconnections present among Theoretics and Nature Physics?

The advent of the scientific revolution has brought a profound change, observable in methods that allow us to study reality, and consequently in the relationships that develop between the Philosopher of Science, Tech expert and Nature.

The paradigms that refer to the so-called ‘modern science’ owe their formulation to the specialized work of Bacon and Galileo. These through clear and systematic elaboration of a method, have ceased to be passive observers waiting for the same environment to take its first step, in their turn with its primary robes: creator of natural interconnections. Each experiment and its design, as well as any building analytical and reproduction of scientific phenomena machines is based on this assumption.

Is not by chance that historians of science have long emphasized the importance of the experiments, the machines created in the engineering level and meetings of experts for the continuation of the scientific work of Galileo and Bacon.

Precisely because the technological tools (and the assumptions underlying the same technology) necessary to a level production are not second-degree material, but the place to start for a proper preparation and technical formulation on the “product” that you want to reach. Meaning the latter as a logical-experimental construct.

It happens always wondering what came first: the well-placed question in theory or well-developed scientific experiment? following the possible debug the system that you have in front, keeping active pro on its strengths and our greater knowledge points.

I realize that the scientific scene is dominated by ‘flooded rivers’ theory that are often a little difficult to cross (at least at first) by non-experts. The point to emphasize is that the explanation concerned the establishment and the assumptions preceding the practical experiment and careful theoretical analysis, should be able to lead the reader in an active analysis on the subject met.

tesla interconnections.jpg
A design drawn up by Nikola Tesla shows the natural interconnection between the numbers present in a complex system, that is organic in its geometric composition.
The phenomena described above, follow by an experiment well postulated; and it designed in its sub systematic categories. This procedure is not free from difficulties because an experiment fails to fully enclose within itself the semantic significance of each phenomenon. And that’s one of the questions that lead us for further analysis: the use and knowledge of technological tools to probe the natural reality, through its natural interconnections.

The role of the technology at our disposal gives us new possibilities to probe the secrets of nature and the phenomena arising that often do not appear related. Despite being so actually. An analysis of current carried forward by Hacking (1983) and Ihde (1991) has made its way with the name of instrumental realism. His Noûs is that as technology advances enable a better and deeper analysis and understanding of Nature.

As part of the Philosophy of Science the debate linked to realism has long been polarized around the issue that is based on the possibility of inferring from our side an objective existence legitimacy of objects and particles “invisible” to the human senses. Such as the components of the atom (take the case of electrons), gas compounds, fragrances that are part of the memories and the mental maps of which make up his daily life, the sound waves that domestic and wild animals organized into categories “life-saving”, or to be alert.

It might as well be remembered, not seeing the human being today the parts away from the Earth, does not arise questions about their knowledge and organic composition. He not asked whether there could be life similar to that which observes all times (without paying much attention) and that does not consider a source of wonder and structural complexity. Though, the man is cognitively led to find numerous interconnections in nature.

This post was created after the ‘reading encounter’ with the experimental research of the EPFL team headed by Fabrizio Carbone. To create an image of the light, their analysis is initiated by the behavior of electrons. Well, the researchers have set themselves a very simple question before you start work: how you can “capture” – real time – a ray of light that behaves – simultaneously – like a wave and a set of particles?

Well, we know that the nature of light is both undulatory to particle. Well these researchers were able to find ways to look closely at the impact. In other words they match the “close encounter” between the electrons and the permanent wave of light consists of photons. The observed effects are related to the speed, alternating with areas of increased or decreased frequency for the meeting of electrons and photons.

The change mentioned concern a specific type of energy exchange, recalling the concept of quanta (energy packets) that are comfortable between electrons and photons.

Well this “quantum energy” has been able to give important clues to the research in astrophysics and nanotechnology to figure out how light could lead to “particle” in effect, if it is the case, both live over the nanowire.

I find it helpful to say that the research on this kind of components is growing in recent decades, and that the scientific view of both the economic investors has realized their usefulness in the components of environmental, geological and biological sensors.

Let’s wait for future updates. And just have a further look on how natural interconnections behave, continuing to marvel ourselves.


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